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The increasing progress of the technology of medical and beauty and therapeutic devices has brought about effective and significant changes in medicine, which is inevitable for all doctors and specialists.
Ala Laser Skin and Hair Center is a professional treatment center where we offer the most advanced technologies with the highest service standards. We believe that the beauty of the modern world should be accessible to everyone and we are trying to make this belief a reality in our treatment center

In the skin and hair center, we offer advanced laser treatments, laser hair removal, innovative beauty procedures, lip gel injection, rejuvenating injection and prevention of skin aging, and wrinkle treatment with Botox and other neuromodulators, facial rejuvenation. , chemical peeling

Among the equipment of this center, we can refer to the following devices

The Alexandrite Diode is a German device that is equipped with a precise skin and hair type scanner and is used to remove any type of skin color and unwanted hair

hifu device to treat cellulite, obesity, laxity and drooping of facial skin and to eliminate puffiness

Carboxy therapy device for treating acne scars, surgical wounds and skin rejuvenation and removing freckles and fading skin spots

Microderm Abrasion device for exfoliation, scar and stain treatment and skin


The most equipped centrifuge for PRP

Equipped with the most advanced electrolysis device to remove white hair

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